I love Indonesia

My country and its people are far from perfect. I have been complaining a lot about numerous unbelievably annoying situations from politics, corruption, red tape, economic problems, poverty, environmental degradation to people’s behavior. And I don’t intend to stop anytime in the future.

But I love my country, even with all its negativities and absurdity. Every Indonesian will think the same way, too.

We have so much problems but guess what, research proved that we are among the happiest country in the world! This is hilarious. I even got into serious discussion with my family to talk about this. And we came into conclusion that this is happened because of our general mindset to take everything easy and stay positive everytime we face problems, hahaha… You want proofs? Check this out: http://www.wowshack.com/dont-let-the-floods-get-you-down/

No wonder a lot of foreigners also fall in love with Indonesian culture, aside from its natural landscape. Another proof? Check this video out: a play by ANU’s students, performed in Javanese language, the most spoken local language in Indonesia. They even do better than most of us. Thumbs up! 😀