Never ending question


Tulisan tahun lalu, beberapa bulan sebelum hamil 😀

Indonesian people have a special interest in other people’s life. Sometimes too much.

  • “Have you got any boyfriend/girlfriend?”
  • “When are you going to get married?”
  • “Are you pregnant yet?”
  • “When will you give your child siblings?”
  • Blablabla…

I have passed the moment when people asked me the first two questions.

However, they are now shifting to the question number three.

Deep inside, I have a mixed feeling about this.

My husband and I prefer to enjoy the first year without baby, just the two of us.

But we aren’t delaying it.

If I get pregnant during the first year, it’s a blessing.

But I know that both of us are not ready yet. It is a big and serious responsibility. We just need a little bit time to be prepared mentally.

However, the pressures bothered me a lot. The questions keep on coming from many, along with some beliefs on the consequences of delaying the pregnancy.

I know that it was some kind of positive attention, that it wasn’t intended to pressure me or anything, but it does the opposite. It put me under a lot of pressure.

My husband will study abroad next year and I want to accompany him. I want to get pregnant and give birth when I am close to him.

I want to have baby when I am ready and no one can force me when I am not.

So, let’s be patient and reply the third question politely.


think about this issue: Mind your own womb.


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