Life and Travel

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The part I love the most is the introduction. Both are pretty interesting 🙂



The difference between Mars and Earth is a little thing we call life.

It’s OK to feel a bit proud when you see planet Earth from a satellite — she sure is pretty, ain’t she? All the water, and all that air, it darn sure makes for a beautiful, hospitable home.

Zoom way in, and you’ll find people discussing their lives on a day-to-day basis, from the perils of dating to imagining what we’d do with a billion dollars. Speaking of unimaginable numbers, there’s about 6.8 billion of us roaming this planet, and we each have a story to tell.

What’s yours?



Frank Sinatra sang

“Let’s take a boat to Bermuda/let’s take a plane to St. Paul/let’s get away from it all! ”

To travel is to give into wanderlust — regardless of how you define it.

You may crave a wild adventure or simply want to admire mother nature from the serenity of a hammock.

You may love the thrill of jumping on the subway in a gigantic city or instead dream of kayaking down a solitary river.

In other words,

“Let’s leave our hut, dear/Get out of our rut, dear/Let’s get away from it all.”