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just wanna share my latest captures that (i think) worth published šŸ˜€

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Another new stage of life

wow, it’s been almost a year since my last post. i miss blogging:)

i guess writing is a good practice for our brain and for our soul. for me, who’s still learning to write well in English *though I’m not sure if I have reached (even) an intermediate level writing in my native language, haha..*, this is a great way for learning and also a great way to express my thoughts and my outer layer feelings šŸ˜€

really, i gotta make this a habit. everyday, every few days, every week, or at least every month. there are so many things to share to the world, especially with so much information I have now.

all right, done intermezzo-ing. back to the topics.

i stated before that it’s almost a year since my last writing. then i realized, i also have worked for almost a year. that means, i stop blogging since I’ve been working. how lame. andĀ what a few steps backwards šŸ˜¦


ok, work. what is work? work implies a lot of serious means, wew..

resolution at work: iĀ had to beĀ more responsible, thoughtful, smarter, bolder, and just better. always behave and no more procrastinating *less, maybe :D*

i love my jobs now, it really fits my major at college. *i’ll tell about my work later*

i learn more, mingle more and laugh more. works doesn’t feel like it. for me works feel like playing and having fun, cause there’re always laughs.

here at work, people are more varied than everyone you met at college. and one thing that should be kept in mind: everyone, every acts and every informationĀ are precious lessons.

now, theĀ other parts:

being so faraway from home makes me realize that every decision is now mine. although i can always asks for opinions, every decisions is now in my hands. i have to consider everything wellĀ *good thing i took planning major at college, i’m done learning the theory*

and money, now i can’t ask freely for more money to my parents. cause i’ve known how it felt to work hard and get paid. every single rupiah is every single sweat. i should reduce my parents burden, economically, even ease their burden with helping my sister’s education *education is really getting unbearable nowadays, economically :(*

but since i don’t get much from my jobs and my parents don’t mind it, the money i get is the money i spent. for living, having fun, and anything i want. if there’s something urgent, i still can ask my parents.Ā but i should be very aware and considerate of my financial condition and my family financial condition.

i’m happy. i have my own savings. i can buy everything that i want through working hard month by month: iPod, internet modem, braces and SLR camera.Ā but afterĀ that (now)Ā i’m broke again though the (shopping)list is still long, haha.. i’ve reach that much in less than a year,Ā that’s a greatĀ achievementĀ šŸ˜€

but there are always some things that money can’t buy. i’m sick of being so faraway from home, Ā from my family. i’m usuallyĀ alone at my room.Ā no father, mother andĀ sistersĀ that could accompany me after iĀ went backĀ home from work, asking “how’s work today?” or sharing jokes of the day at office.

every night, i always turn the tv on, watching just one comedy program, ‘forcing’ me to laugh toĀ forget my loneliness. at midnight the tv is still on (’til morning) while i’m sleeping cause now i can’t sleep quietly, there’s always have to be some noises as an imagination that i’m not alone.

hmm, i guess, as we’re maturer, we’ll beĀ even more lonely *pessimistic scenario*, that’s why it’s very important toĀ maintain every relationship that we had with people. it remindsĀ us that we’re not alone here, really.

but as i said earlier, i believe that every sacrifices i gave is for the better. i believe i can reach more later, i have to! šŸ™‚

” i’m in the war of my life, at the door of my life.. ”

(War of my Life – John Mayer)